Martha Stewart Herb Garden- Delicious Summer Herb Garden

Fresh herbs from your garden can really kick your food up a notch!  When I lived in the suburbs, I had the most delightful rhubarb, strawberries, tomatoes, peas… you name the fruit or vegetable and I probably grew it (or at least tried)!  For quite some time I have been living in an apartment like other New Yorkers, so a Container Herb Garden like Martha Stewart suggested is the best way to bring a little bit of suburbia into my Manhattan apartment.  The exciting news is that I now have a home in Greenwich, CT (YAY suburbia!!), so this spring I will be working on a new, full-blown, fruit and veggie garden.  But I digress, even in the suburbs a herb garden is perfect for on your windowsill!  What I would love for Martha to do a segment on is how to take one of those rectangular plastic windowsill plant boxes (the ones you can get for about $5 at any store in the spring) and how to craft them into something much more beautiful.  Maybe I will just have to use my own creativity for now, I will keep you posted!

Martha Stewart’s Container Herb Garden:

What You Need:Martha Stewart Herb Garden

– windowsill plant box

– organic potting soil

– herb plants like the ones that Martha used: dill, cilantro, basil ‘pesto perpetuo,’ Italian oregano, French tarragon, Italian/plain/flat leaf parsley, curled parsley, sage, English thyme, lemon thyme, mint, spearmint ‘Kentucky colonel,’ and rosemary.  If you live in New York, definitely check out the farmer’s market at union square for some great fresh herb plants at a very reasonable price.

What to Do:

1.  Cover the drainage holes at the bottom of your windowsill plant box with pottery shards (a great use for your broken flower pots!)

2.  Fill your windowsill plant box half of the way with organic potting soil.  You can also add time-release fertilizer (although the truth is that I never have, and it has been just fine).

3.  Take your fresh herb plants out of their pots.  Loosen the roots a little bit with your fingers and put it into your windowsill plant box.

4.  Fill with more organic potting soil to hold in your plants firmly.

5.  Water frequently (around once a day or every other day) and find a nice sunny windowsill for your plant box!

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