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10 Bruschetta Variations: Martha Stewart on the Today Show

bruschetta variations

Who knew there were 10 Variations of Bruschetta?  Martha’s creativity never ceases to amaze me.  Our dear Martha Stewart was on the Today Show and taught how to make 10 different types of Bruschetta recipes.  Plus, she taught everyone how to properly pronounce the word “Bruschetta” which Martha says is like replacing the “ch” with […]

Rainbow Cake Recipe – Martha Stewart & Kaitlin Flannery

Rainbow Cake Recipe

Rainbow Cake, love it!!!  As a child, my mother would always ask me a week before my birthday, “Diana, what kind of cake would you like for your birthday?”  Without fail, I would always exclaim “A Pink Cake!!!!”  However, if I had known that a Rainbow Cake was an option, my answer just might have […]

Lisa Kudrow & Martha’s Raspberry Rhubarb Sorbet Recipe

close up of ripe raspberries in the bowlr

My favorite color is pink… yes, I am a very girly girl!  So I absolutely adored Martha’s pink show.  Anyone who loves pink, or who has little girls, or who just loves raspberry and rhubarb should definitely try this sorbet.  I especially loved how Martha served the sorbet in Pink Tulle Cookies that are made […]

Emeril’s Skillet Cast Iron Corn Cake & Cherries Recipe

Close-up of fresh red cherries

Emeril was on the Martha Stewart Show to demonstrate how to make his Creole Fried Chicken Recipe and this cast iron or skillet corn cake and stewed cherries recipe.  I never would have thought to serve cornbread with a fruit stew on top, but it really does make great sense.  It is more of a […]

Emeril’s Creole Fried Chicken Recipe

A pile of delicious southern fried chicken.

Emeril, author of Emeril 20-40-60: Fresh Food Fast,was on the Martha Stewart Show making his Creole Fried Chicken recipe… but he also gave some fabulous tips for frying foods in general.  For example, did you know that when you are going to fry food in oil that you should not fill the pot more than […]

Alain Allegretti’s Blood Orange & Fennel Salad Recipe

Fennel on a white background

Alain Allegretti was on the Martha Stewart Show to teach us how to make a Trouchia or Swiss Chard Omelet Recipe, with a garnish of this blood orange and fennel salad recipe.  Martha pointed out that the fennel becomes a beautiful shade of pink from the juice of the blood orange segments, so I am […]

Alain Allegretti’s Trouchia: Swiss Chard Omelet Recipe

Three chicken eggs on a white background largly

Alain Allegretti, chef of the Allegretti restaurant, was on the Martha Stewart show to teach us how to make a delicious swiss chard omelet or trouchia recipe with a garnish of Alain Allegretti’s Blood Orange & Fennel Salad Recipe.  What was so exciting about this recipe is that it is actually a healthy version of […]

Cybele Pascal’s No Gluten (Gluten Free) Flour Mix Recipe

A young man making pasta at home in an apartme...

Cybele Pascal was on the Martha Stewart show and gave the following recipe for an allergy free and gluten free flour mixture, which Cybele claims works just as well as all-purpose flour for baking.  Cybele recommended making a big bag of this No Gluten Flour mix and storing it your fridge.  Anyone who has Celiac […]

Martha Stewart’s Caramelized Cauliflower Soup Recipe

As part of Martha’s special on soups and stews, she whipped up her Caramelized Cauliflower Soup.  I have never had a cauliflower soup, but this is definitely on my must try list for this week!  Martha also had the owner of the Vita-Mix Blender on her show to talk about this absolutely life-changing and amazing […]

Martha Soups & Stews- Gavin Kaysen, Cesare Casella & Sarah Carey

macro picture of appetizing vegetable soup

Everyone has great memories of soups and stews from childhood.  For me, it would be my grandmother’s chicken soup and my mother’s minestrone soup.  What about yours?  Please share your favorites in the comments below!