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Martha Stewart Herb Garden- Delicious Summer Herb Garden

Martha Stewart Herb Garden

Fresh herbs from your garden can really kick your food up a notch!  When I lived in the suburbs, I had the most delightful rhubarb, strawberries, tomatoes, peas… you name the fruit or vegetable and I probably grew it (or at least tried)!  For quite some time I have been living in an apartment like […]

Miguel Nelson’s Living Walls with Woolly Pockets

An abstract background image of a fern

Miguel Nelson was on the Martha Stewart Show to give a demonstration on how to use Woolly Pockets to make a “Living Wall.”  I must say that I have not seen a new innovation in gardening that I have been this excited about it quite some time!  You can cover an entire wall with greenery […]

Seibert & Rice’s Terra-Cotta Pots from Impruneta, Italy

Portrait of a happy young woman holding a pott...

Lenore Rice, from Seibert and Rice, was on the Martha Stewart show to show us some of the magnificent terra cotta pots that Seibert & Rice import from Impruneta, Italy.  The terra-cotta pots come in all shapes and sizes such as the classic urn, the faux-bois planter, the rolled rim planter, the agresti vase, the […]

Florist Oscar Mora & Matha Stewart’s Tropical Flower Arrangements

Palm leaf

Oscar Mora, a fabulous florist, was on the Martha Stewart Show to demonstrate how to make beautiful tropical flower arrangements.  A few great tips that Oscar Mora gave were to add flower food to your vase of flowers along with a few drops of bleach, to help keep bacteria and fungus from growing in your […]